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December 25, 2012

Happy Thoughts + Snowy Budapest

Budapest has snow!  It's a light dusting, especially compared to the mammoth overload of snow Ottawa got, but it's still lovely to see the city winterized.  Okay, it's really slushy and grey (and still damp as heck), but I'll take it.  I'm just excited to have now, officially, seen Budapest in all four seasons. 

Thanks to everyone for their thought provoking and supportive comments yesterday, when I tried to explain why I don't celebrate Christmas.  I was really nervous about that post because I wanted to be honest but I also really, really didn't want to offend anyone or steal any merriment.  It was a lot of fun to read about the different ways some of you celebrate, and what this time of year means to you.  Of course I loved hearing that some folks feel the same way as me (it's always nice not to feel alone), but I also really loved hearing from readers who do celebrate. 

Even though I don't celebrate anything other than celebrating not having to shovel right now, I wanted to take a  moment and wish you all a lovely holiday.  I hope you and yours experience nothing but complete happiness for the holidays (and always), however you celebrate.



  1. How wonderful!!! I miss snow and the feeling of real winter that it gives. Thanks for sharing this on xmas morning. It really makes me smile. You look so happy and cutebin that no shoveling pic ;). Enjoy the light dusting and hey at least you have hubby there to keep you warm now :)
    Happy holidays

    1. Yup, having Heater Hubby here has made a dent in my heating bill, lol. I LOVE snow without the responsibility. I can enjoy it! No driving in it, no shoveling it. Now I get why people like it - it hides the blah muckiness all the rain brought.

      Happy celebrating! I wish I could send you some snow in a jar :)

  2. Replies
    1. Everything is prettier with a dash of snow. Happy celebrating!


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