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December 31, 2012

I Resolve to Have Daily Resolutions

I still write 2010 on my cheques sometimes.  Last year, I accidentally wrote 2007 once.  I don't know if I am ready for 2013, but let's do it!

Do you make resolutions?  I have some post-Hungary plans, but they just happen to coincide with the new year.  I love lists like any good list-loving nutter butter (think dozens upon dozens scribbled daily), but I always feel doomed to fail with new year's resolutions.  It's always too much, too soon and then if I deviate once from my goals, I feel like the whole year is a write off and I've been excused to slip back into my old habits.  

So this year, I have but one resolution: to see each day as a fresh start to try new things, be more productive, refuse to take any guff, re-write the rules, change who I want to be, or view the world differently.

I hope you all have a blast celebrating tonight (I'll be mid-air somewhere).  I hope this coming year sees you all healthy, happy and surrounded by DIY projects finished in a timely manner with fabulous results and no setbacks.


  1. Kedves Tanya! Boldog új évet, tele célokkal, és azok elérésével!

  2. Happy New Year, Tanya! I've loved reading your blog, and envied your adventures.

    Just curious - while you were in Budapest, did anyone bend your ear about a major celebration in 1896? and the Centenary of that party in 1996?

    1. Good question!

      Hungarian history is very important to Hungarians so I did hear quite a bit. But I also know a bit, because the first chapter of my dissertation is a (super duper) condensed historical review. 1896 was the millennial celebration, because dominant Hungarian history lists 896 as the year the Magyars settled the Carpathian basin (although some historians argue it was even earlier). Heroes Square was just one memorial paying homage to this history, constructed for the millennial.

      However, I did not hear of Hungarians celebrating the centennial of the millennial! But I can understand, because the millennial celebration saw many commemorations, which deserve to be commemorated in their own right (such as Parliament and City Park in Budapest).

    2. Haha, with all of my historical pontification, I forgot to wish you a Happy New Year too! I just like to babble a bit too much. But thank you also for your kind words.

      Now I am the curious one: how did you know about the 1896 celebration??

  3. I hope you made it home safe and sound! (and with all your packages :)
    Happy New year!

    1. Haha, yes! Every bag was over weight (including my carry on, which was twice the limit) but a little sweet talking got me through. I think my Canadian accented Hungarian is just too cute to say no too! But I was punished because the extendable handle on my brand new suitcase was snapped in two!! Hopefully nothing broke inside with all the man handling. Still too lazy to unpack.

      Hope your new year was lovely!!

  4. Welcome home and Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks!! I'm happy to be home. Happy new year to you as well!!


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