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January 30, 2013

Bold Gold

For Chic Sake (Polka Dot Tray)
Kitten Bear (Awesome Dino Planters)
Camilla Styles (DIY Thank You Cards)

A Beautiful Mess (Gold Leaf Honey Bears)
Glitter and Goat Cheese (Gold and White Vase - love the pop of yellow!)
Etsy (Vintage Clock)
Etsy (Pillow)
A Place for Us Blog
Design Love Fest (Mint and Gold Shelves)
Design Love Fest
Apartment Therapy (Gold Frames)
Dance to the Radio (Gold Beads)

Gold, especially with matte white, is one of those things I love but just never really do (save for one ginger ale inspired bowl).  But look how pretty!  I'm trying to suss out how I can incorporate gold without it looking too Mariah Carey.  I had one gold frame and it didn't have staying power.  Let's try again.


  1. Try a gold plant pot. I have one that I did and just move it around and around the house because I like it so much. It seems to work really well with succulents...sort of earthy and glam together. My favourite gold spray paint is valspar - it's sort of an antique gold. Love it. Good luck with whatever it is you try.

    1. Thanks Kelly! Good to know Valspar makes a great antique gold spray paint.

  2. Ooooh i love all these items. I was redoing my studio before i got sick and i am adding simple gold elements to go with the white and a pop of black.
    You will figure out a way to make it work. Just add a little piece to start. A frame seems too much for me too. I think something more subtle. How about a pillow,lol.
    No i think the plant holder is a good way to start too
    Or a small trinket box
    Have fun cant wait to see what you come up with

  3. I'm in the same boat- I am really loving a bit of gold (like you say, especially gold & matte white) but not sure how to incorporate. I am thinking of a little gold & matte white (similar to the vase) pencil holder for my desk.

    Love that ginkgo pillow.

  4. Those white pillows are so beautiful!


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