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January 31, 2013

January is Done. Did We Have Fun?

My first month back at home is already over!  We flew home on December 31st and officially started the year in Canada.  Did I mention we were upgraded to first class for the flight home?  What a fabulously fancy way to kick off a new year (it suuuure is different up there).  I've been feeling a little sluggish in terms of re-adapting to life in the townhouse, but I have the January blahs every year anyway.

Before moving forward, I looked back, highlighting my 12 favorite DIYs of 2012 and then rounding up my 12 favorite random posts of the year.  Some bloggers took the opportunity to round up accomplishments and life goals but I didn't get the memo, so I talked about the three-legged dog head butt instead.

Because I knew I'd be mentioning my time in Budapest a lot (how can I not?  I logged four months there!), I rounded up any and all posts that had to do with being there, in addition to a few new tidbits.  Soon I'll put together a Nerdy Girl Guide to Budapest for folks planning a trip (or more interested in the sights than in seeing me model puppets).

In the post above, I also made sure to round up some of the secret DIYs I completed during the summer, and doled out during the fall.

P.S.  Can we talk for just one more minute about the gorgeousness of this rug I couldn't buy (well, not without leaving Hubby there and giving it his seat on the plane).  I am always amazed by how talented people are.

Although sluggish with jet lag and Budapest-missingitis (it's a thing), I did tackle a couple easy-peasy DIY projects right away.  First, Hubby & I turned the two ceramic tiles I painted into trivets so we can use and enjoy them, instead of stuffing them in a drawer.

After rounding up some penny-craft inspiration (I was weirdly into pennies this month), I made a penny project of my own!

Next I tackled some art.  Doubtful even custom frames would fit the enamel art I bought in Budapest, Hubby and I painted the cardboard backing of each one and the results are better than imagined.

Emboldened, we framed another piece of art I bought in Budapest using an inexpensive floating frame and scrapbook paper!

January was a little art-heavy overall.  In addition to the two thrifty framing projects, we hung up a painting gifted to us by Hubby's grandpa and spent subsequent days shuffling art around.

In addition to new art, the office also became home to the Hungarian felted wool pillows I brought back.  Even though I hit a few snags, I'm still so happy to finally have a pair.  (Thanks Mom!).

I would have liked to have done more projects this month, but I logged quite a few days cleaning.  Although hubby was a superstar cleaner when left to his own devices, the house still needed a deep clean (even the lamp shades!).  I really dragged my feet on cleaning, but finally got the parts we see clean.  The cupboards, closets and drawers are another (scary) story, but I dipped my toe into that task by organizing the jewellery box.  Baby steps. 

This month, at the start of a fresh year, we decided to tackle our finances and I finally started a series I've had in my mind for a year:  Money Talks.  After sharing a little peek into our finances (particularly where we struggle), I was overwhelmed by your incredibly helpful comments.  I'm putting finishing touches on the next post in the series and can't wait to chat about money again!

Also on the horizon, our Etsy Shop (Re) Launch, which prompted some thoughts (and some wonderfully in depth and thoughtful comments) about the ethics of thrifting


  1. You were busy!! Love that your shop is relaunching... you may have inspired me to change up my shop a bit!

    1. Thanks so much for the support!! I can't wait to see what changes are in store (haha) for your shop. Couldn't help the pun . . .

  2. I feel you on the January blahs Tanya, no matter how much you might want to be motivated, doesn't necessarily mean motivated you will be. Looking forward to reading about your new projects and series! :)

    1. Although it probably has so much more to do with me, I think I'd like to blame the cold weather. And limited sun. I'm so uninspired to do anything when it's pitch black outside!

  3. ooo i missed the penny crafts post.. checking that one out now!

    1. It is absolutely nutty how many fabulous penny craft ideas are out there!

  4. I have been so bad on the less is more lately...
    sitting here for a month only having the internet at my fingertips was bad for my wallet :(
    Today is my last day of spending and tomorrow will bring a new month and new goals for back on track I go.
    I am looking forward to your upcoming series.

    1. Being stuck at home would definitely make me hear the siren song of online shopping too, especially given the circumstances. Give yourself a pass!


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