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February 18, 2013

Happy Family Day!!

I'm sorry I'm not such a festive gal.  I typically blog right through Christmas, business as usual (you know why), I completely forgot about Valentine's Day this year (although I shared a pink icing tip last year), and most other holidays and celebrations are hit or miss when it comes to my participation. I know I'm slacking in the posts on bunting and themed cakes department.  But the townhouse is pretty chill for most celebrations.  Hubby & I don't even exchange gifts anymore!  Ever.  Not for about eight years.  We'd rather just spend time together, not spend it separately searching for the right gift.  Wait, hold the phone, he brought me taffy on a work trip a couple years ago, but after the taffy eating incident of 2002 (I sat on some on my parents' old sofa and really smooshed that stuff into the tweedy fibres), that was more of a joke-present than present-present.  I think.

One celebration I am on board for, though, is Family DayI even gushed about it last year!  Me remembering about a day two years in a row makes it a kind of a big deal in my books because I have literally woken up on a seemingly normal day in June and forgotten it was birthday.  The super early A.M. phone calls as my family members try to beat each other in a game of "first person to call" usually tips me off early on, though.  Ahhhh, family.  I love the idea of a day to just grab whatever family lives nearby, hug 'em and spend the day with 'em.   

Happy Family Day to those who have the chance to take today off and be with their loved ones (and Happy President's Day to my American friends!).  Hubby and I are making a big change to the townhouse today and then we're going to relax by the fire.  I also made some yummy spinach dip for our fireside lounging, but when I called my Mom to tell her we're making dip (we lead a quiet life, dip is newsworthy), she immediately asked if we're having company over.  I guess a 12 inch pan of spinach dip is a "company sized" thing.  Way to make me feel like a Fatty Sir Eatsalot, Mom ;)


  1. Happy Family Day, back. We had a rather lazy jammie day spent together. But it is a rather well-timed break from the long winter.

    1. I love lazy jammie days!! So happy to hear you got to relax a little bit :)


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