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February 4, 2013

Shop Talk: Etsy (Re)Launch!

The Minden Shop is back!

Please forgive me, blog friends, but I officially re-launched our Etsy Shop this weekend and already sold things.  I promised you first dibs, but had no idea things would start flying off the shelves so quickly.  I sold one item within minutes of listing!  I will try harder to keep you in the loop.

Although a few shoppers scooped you, readers get a little bonus: 10% off your purchase (use coupon code DLT2013).  It's my way of saying "thanks" for stopping by the townhouse. 

You may have noticed a few items from our shop's short-lived spree last summer, but there's also a bundle of fresh finds.  If there was something you liked last year and don't see now, let me know!  We'll be adding new items regularly and have really changed up the style of the shop.  We made my grandmother (my Mummu) an official member, so now we're three generations of curators and crafters selling handmade goodies and carefully picked vintage goods.  With three different gals adding inventory, you're sure to find something that fits your style because our inventory is pretty eclectic.  Here's a little snapshot of who has picked what.

My Mummu's Finds:

Arabia Espresso Cup Set, Lotte Plate, 1960s Snack Tray, Candlewick Honey Glass

My Mom's Finds:

Vintage Ontario Coasters, Retro Navy Purse (Canadian-made!), German Coffee Set, Figgjo Luncheon Set

My Finds: 

Hand Painted Pink and Gold Planter, Amber Earrings, Pink (!) Milk Glass Vase, Amber Necklace

I have plans for the look of our shop and am still changing our info to reflect my grandma's contributions.  I'm planning a new banner and other fun things (including a giveaway).  Lots of work!  But, like everything else, I'm chipping away at it, bit by bit.  I just edited our shop bio and I think it fits us perfectly!

 A trio of three generations (Grandma, Mom & Daughter) who like to create, curate and collect.
"Minden" (pronounced meen-den) means "Everything" in Hungarian. As in, we love everything in our shop!

We decided to open a shop because we three have the tiniest homes and biggest imaginations. We love hunting for vintage finds and making beautiful things. A shop provides us the opportunity to do what we love, but share the fruits of our labor.


  1. Tanya your shop is so great
    the way you have designed it and categorized by colors. So pleasing to the eye and just shows your eye for putting things together in a pleasing way.
    It makes ya happy to browse and shop.
    Good luck with it all. Sounds like you are off to another great start.

    1. Thanks Amy! I tried to make it look a little less hodge podge. So far I love sorting things by colour, except it's more work and then I cry when something is sold and wrecks my colour balance, lol.

  2. oooo i love me a coupon code!! can't wait to see what treasures you guys are selling!!

    1. Happy to share some love with my readers! I'm also planning a giveaway, but it's so hard to pick something everyone will love . . .

  3. Saw you were nominated for a Homie, I voted for you!


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