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February 19, 2013

Shop Talk: New in Store

Hubs and I were a little ambitious about our Family Day plans yesterday.  We thought our little project would only take an hour or so.  Six hours later and we were still at it.  But we're done!!  After a little misplaced anxiety about it, I'm so happy.  I'll snap some photos today (once I pack away the step ladder and drop cloths), and share some of the changes we've been making tomorrow.

In the meantime, I've added a few new items to the shop and this time am making good on my promise to keep you in the loop!  When we re-opened Minden Shop, I decided to list things in colour groups.  It take so much more time than I thought it would (I had to get up at 5:30 a.m. today to squeeze this in), but I think it makes the shop more fun to look at.  I don't expect everyone to want to buy something from us.  We're such avid collectors ourselves, we're seriously happy if some folks just enjoy looking at the items we've curated, and the colour groupings make it more fun.  Here's a peek at what's fresh: 

I love this round, retro tin (Made in England!) for storing jewellery beside a bed or on a desk to store paper clips and unsightly office supplies.

We also have this mini Pyrex casserole for sale, in the super cheery Friendship pattern.  I need to add a few mini casseroles like this to my collection of turquoise Pyrex.  Currently almost all of my fridgies are in use storing leftovers, so I think I can justify more mini Pyrex.  This is part of a Bake Serve Store set and has stackable friends (haha) in other sizes.

You know me, I am a little nutty for trinket dishes.  I use them for soap dishes, to organize my jewellery box and I also just generally hoard them like a crazy person.  We have a fun pair from London in the 1970s for sale

I also listed this adorable red polka dot bowl by Hazel Atlas.

This mug is in such pristine condition, with a super funky pattern.  I have no idea who made it (not Fire King, not Anchor Hocking, not Pyrex . . . ), anyone know?

Here are a few other favorite items of mine, for sale right now, including this pair of cheery turquoise Fire King mugs.

This petite yellow West German vase is a burst of sunshine.  Add a bunch of handmade wooly billy buttons and never go another day without breaking into a huge, silly, grin.

I love this pair of 1960s Federal Glass bowls.  The teal colour and pattern of vintage kitchen utensils (called "antique" or "utensils") are perfect.

Our shop is pretty eclectic because, as mentioned, there are three generations of us adding inventory.  My grandma has a flare for picking really glam pieces, like this Sadler cream and sugar duo.  We have a really fun Sadler tea pot that "goes," but doesn't match, for a modern tea party.

I love this Lotte platter, design by by Turi Gramstad Oliver for Figgjo Flint of Norway.  The size of it (13.5" long!) is so versatile.  We also have a set of egg cups in the same design for a perfect Sunday brunch, in style.

I am going to try to squeeze in a few more listings before it's time for work-work.  Check out the shop if you'd like to ogle a little vintage eye candy today!  And don't forget, if something does catch your eye, readers get 10% their purchase with the discount code DLT2013.


  1. A great selection, fun colours, and leaving with a smile :-)

  2. Your picks are so perfect!
    I love what you find.
    How are you dealing with new shipping costs?

    1. Thanks Amy!

      I'm biting it, lol. I do my best to figure out a fair shipping price using Canada Post's rate finder but sometimes it's much higher than estimated (so I take a hit), but sometimes it's a bit under (whew). I am also starting to look for smaller items and really thinking about heavier finds twice. Unless they are super special, heavy things don't come home with me any more. I also price my items a bit lower to make up for shipping (not too low, though, because I don't want to incur the wrath of other sellers). It's challenging, though.


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