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March 21, 2013

DIY Fancy Glass Trivet

Ages ago, before we moved in together, I bought Hubby a little glass trivet from a dollar store.  Recently the paper backing had started to peel (but damn, this thing has lasted a decade!).  He's kind of sentimental about stuff from me, especially because we don't exchange gifts anymore, so instead of saying good-bye, I gave it a little makeover. 

First, I soaked the trivet in soapy water to get the rest of the backing off, but you know how sometimes one end of something comes lose and then refuses to come lose on any other part?  Yeah.  A little goo gone, followed by more soapy water and some scrubbing did the trick.

For a new backing, we picked out a fun scrapbook paper together.  It sounds all cute, us at the craft store pondering paper, but it was agony because the selection was too big and we kept trying to force the other to pick.  I traced the glass trivet on the back of our (painfully selected) paper, cut it out and . . . guess I'm having an off week, huh?


No worries.  I remembered I had some pretty wrapping paper leftover so I cut a circle from that with no problems.  Horray for little successes!!

I used spray adhesive left over from when I used it to (temporarily) affix the poem stencil to my antiqued mirror.  This stuff is so versatile because if you only spray one side, it remains moveable for ten minutes, but if you spray both things you're trying to stick together, let it dry to tack (about a minute) and then smoosh them in place, it has a super strong hold right away.

And voila:

It won't be dishwasher safe, obviously, but it's still wipe-able and perfect for holding Hubby's mug of tea with lemon, situated on the little table beside our tweed chair, far, far away from me because the last thing I need is his cold too!

Much better!

P.S. I spotted (and pinned) a tutorial from Better Homes and Gardens, for the same kind of craft, but using a decoupage medium instead.


  1. When life gives you it!

    1. Haha, so true! Now to figure out how to use that scrapbook sheet I goofed . . .

  2. Very cool.
    I really like the new.
    It looks as if it came from a little boutique!
    So clever :)

    1. Thanks! It definitely looks a little less dollar store-ish and Hubby got to keep something sentimental!

  3. I love the update! Such a good idea. And the peacock paper is SO pretty.

    1. Thanks! I'm happy for an excuse to use the paper - I was sad to see it go (on presents I wrapped), lol. Now I have a piece of my own :)

  4. This is a beautiful project, especially that your glass trivet is worth saving. It has sentimental value and it is nice that you managed to make it look even better. You are truly talented and I am inspired by your creativity.

    1. You're so sweet, thank you :) I'm happy to have saved something from our early days of dating. I could have left the glass empty but I love this little touch of colour - plus I was scared a plain piece of glass would get knocked over because if its invisibility, lol.


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