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March 18, 2013

Knock Outs

Hubs and I have been given the one-two punch by two different illnesses.  On Thursday I became violently ill with what we're pretty sure was the Norovirus, while poor Hubby has had brutal congestion and fever for days.  We spent the end of last week and the whole weekend lazing around, catching up on The Americans (our new favorite show), and warily watching each other, hoping to heck we don't get what the other has.  The only commonality our two illnesses have had has been being super exhausted for days and days, which is so frustrating.  I'm feeling loads better, while Hubby is only a little better, but we're both still pretty tuckered out.  This stinks, because there are a ton of fun projects, calling my name . . .

DIY Painted (!) Satchel from Wrapped up in Rainbows
DIY Industrial Light (in Turquoise!) from Merry Thought
DIY Geometric Paper Patchwork Art from The Red Thread
DIY Cord Bracelet from Thanks I Made it
DIY Painted Wood Magnets from Swoon
DIY Cellphone Sleeve from Dog Under My Desk
DIY Rock Rings from Swell Mayde
DIY Gold Scissors from Little House Blog
DIY Living Thing Ring Dish from Doe a Deery
DIY Faceted Clay Planter from Merry Pad
DIY Book Covers from Radical Possibility

Now you know why I was painfully slow approving comments last week.  I hate spammers for forcing me to do that in the first place - I  know it's annoying for you.  Tell me: did you have the strength to do any DIY magic this weekend?  Share.  Let me live vicariously . . .


  1. Oh the Americans...we are addicted too. Felicity has come a long way, hasn't she. I am in LOVE with those faceted succulent planters - I've had them pinned for a while and am now just waiting for some spare time to tackle them. Hope you feel better this week!

    1. I know - she's an adult!! I feel old, lol. I am dying to do something with clay, period. I bought a huge box of air dry stuff and abandoned it when I went to Hungary. I think the clock is ticking, because that stuff can dry out . . . hopefully I get a chance to tackle something soon!

  2. Feel better soon!
    So many cute ideas here. But get healthy first!


  3. I enjoy The Americans too!
    Glad you're feeling better!

    1. Great show, right? I researched a lot about socialism and the Soviet Union for my PhD, so I love this spy stuff.

  4. first. i had the norovirus or something right after the holidays...then adam got it. it was BRUTAL. So i feel for you. and second i have the Americans on my dvr but havent sat down to watch i want to!

    1. Oh, that's awful you BOTH got it. It is ridiculously brutal. I don't even think I've ever been that sick before! Just awful. I'm through it now, but thoroughly exhausted. On a happier note, definitely watch The Americans. Excellent, fast paced show. We're both addicted!

  5. Thanks so much for featuring my satchel revamp. So glad you liked it :)

  6. I spent the weekend avoiding laundry by cataloging our book collection with a cool iphone app. So much easier and more convenient than the excel spreadsheet I used to use.


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