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April 2, 2013

DIY Kitchen Art Plans

Kitchen art!?!  Are you asking, "why on earth is Tanya fussing with kitchen art now that the mid-century Hungary posters have made the space"?  Don't worry, they have found their forever home in the kitchen.  But when I shared photos of the sink area (when I asked for help choosing between a black and silver faucet), it dawned on me that the print above the sink is a smidge too small.  I think I've always known this, but the print is made by my Mom and is a still life created just below the window above her kitchen sink and it's hung above my sink (in our previous apartment and in the townhouse) for years and years.  It's sentimental and sweet, bringing a touch of my childhood home into my current home, but Mom and I both agreed that space needs something with more punch and a bigger size.

So I am planning another DIY abstract!!  I think something crisp and graphic, in mostly black and white with maybe a pop of colour, will look striking without pulling the eye away from my beloved posters, so I've rounded up some inspiration.  Sometimes just looking at a painting or print that I like helps me to start painting, those times when I'm stuck just holding a paint brush, totally uninspired.  Sometimes my version is a dead ringer for the original, but sometimes it ends up completely different (which I'm hoping for this time).

Something very simple, in black and white, would be a lot like what is there, but I'd create something with a bigger scale.

via Remodelista; Nalle's House; Design*Sponge
These two pieces are wildly different, but I like how they both incorporate just a hint of colour.  Black and white with a smidge of colour pulled from the posters might look fresh.  Coordinated but not matchy-matchy.

ArtyDesigny; Robbie Kempter
Creative Index
Black and white pieces pair so well with posters:

Line Klein
Then again, I also love the idea of a single pop of a bright, saturated hue - also drawn from the posters.

Michael Mundy Interiors
The kitchen could use more colour . . .

Michele Armas
I still love the simple black and white painting I made last year, so I'm confident something similar will fit the bill.  I am going to build a custom stretcher with Handy Hubby so it fits the space perfectly.  It's extra effort, but we're already making a HUGE one for another project so we might as well make two.  Details soon!  I'm so excited - making & adding art to a room are my favorite parts of decorating.

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  1. Have you thought about a larger frame/mat for the print you love? Maybe even several colors or shades of gray to black in layers for the mat?

    1. Good idea! But it's already in a pretty large frame. It's a small piece (just a bit smaller than 8x8). I think it will just need to find a better home, but I do like the idea of re-framining it anyway and using grey or black mats in layers - that's so clever!

  2. I believe a pop of color would make this bright and cheerful! My personal preference!

    Though I am not a very big fan of wild strokes for paintings but strangely, that black smudge art is my favorite of all. Wow... I just discovered something about myself! :)

    1. That's my dilemma - both the pop of colour and black art look good! I will have to see what my brain feels like painting once we get the canvas made. Sometimes it's not up to me, lol.

  3. I love the colour! By the way, I found this DIY ( and thought of you since you had made the agate pendants.

    Take care! /Anna

    1. Thanks Anna!! I love the gold edge Mandy gave those coasters. They look so much more interesting now. I've pinned the project to my to-do list! Thanks again for the link :)

  4. I love that abstract with black and orange- I couldn't find the source.

    I've had this orange thing going on for awhile- beyond trend now, seems orange and I are going steady.

    I'm not brave enough to crack open the paints but if I were.....

    1. Oops, thanks for letting me know :) I accidentally provided the link for the painting beside it! I've fixed the link and you can find that painting, and a few others not included in this post, on my "Art" Pinterest board:

      I'm also warming up to orange . . . it pairs so well with so many of my favorite colours (like turquoise and mint green!)


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