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April 5, 2013

laKattun Giveaway Winner!

Thanks to everyone who entered my recent giveaway with Berlin-based Etsy shop, laKattun.  Working with Eva was fabulous, not just because she injected a little European style into my home (and one of yours) with her beautiful and sophisticated (but fun) eco-friendly designs, but also because she is such a great person.  Blogging has helped me meet so many small shop owners and large PR firms.  Overall, I have met amazing people but every now and then there's a bad apple (this week I met a particularly rotten one).  But Eva reminds me that most people are sweet, kind, genuine, and passionate about their work.  If you're shopping for a Mother's Day (it's coming soon!!) or birthday gift, I highly recommend taking a look at Eva's shop.  There are so many beautiful wares on Etsy, but I can attest to the great person behind laKattun.

Without further ado . . . the winner of the practical and pretty, orange-printed Oval Fabric Basket is . . .

CONGRATS!!  I don't have your email address so send me a quick email at so I can put you in touch with Eva.  

Just a quick note: I eliminated two comments (mine and a reply to to mine).  The link to bloglovin didn't work until I re-did it, so the winner DID follow the contest rules and follow laKattun's blog once I fixed the link.

Don't forget, if you missed out, Eva does stock this item (and many others!) in her Etsy shop.  Keep your lucky pennies at hand and stay tuned, because I have another giveaway in the works soon.

Happy weekend everyone!  I'm headed to the Ottawa Antique Show, what are you up to?


  1. woohoo i missed this one but i am going to check her shop now...because i DO need a mothers day gift :)

    1. Her shop is Mom-approved. My Mom has been ogling her shop (and my tea towel for days and days).

  2. What? This is so exciting!
    Sorry, about my multiple comments- I never even thought how it might interfere with d'oh!

    I will send along my email address but was there something I did wrong, there? I thought that you couldn't see email only from the anonymous comments. Clearly I'm not too familiar with the other side of a blog.

    But I'm so excited, thank-you so much for hosting the contest AND to Eva for the beautiful offering!

    1. Congrats!! I's so happy you won :)

      And no worries about the multiple comments - I only made mention of it in case anyone wondered why the range was smaller than the number of comments. A lot of folks with a blogger profile like yours have an email attached but I didn't see one for you. Then again, I can be the goofiest person in the world and might of missed it.


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