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April 1, 2013

March is Done. Did We Have Fun?

With Hubby and I both ill, this month was a tough one.  Poor Hubby is still experiencing symptoms, but I'm all better.  Behind in everything, but 100% better.  Once I could eat solid foods again (horray), I whipped up some lemon and ricotta cake.  I don't often share recipes, but when I do it's something so unbelievably delicious I start to drool as I type up the recipe for you.  Try this, you'll like it.

Although we did some work around the house, a lot of our free time was spent recuperating.  But even when I'm sick or just feeling run down, I have a hard time sitting still for too long, so I took to tackling smaller projects this month.

I made a super cute felted wool ring (that was just recently featured on Babble, in addition to other flattering features):

I also jazzed up a sentimental kitchen staple of Hubby's:

I think my favorite project this month was my reclaimed shell casing necklace

It seems that every project I love needs a project that bombs.  It's how the DIY world stays balanced.  This month, in the spirit of transparency, I shared my DIY bubble bath bomb.

The project may not have turned out, but the tip I got from my father-in-law (give the honey bear a little "hot tub time") really works to re-soften crystallized honey!

Another bomb?  Finding out a beloved "vintage" tray from a high end vintage shop isn't the real deal!  Oh well, at least I have a pair now!

This month, we continued to chug along in the basement.  With the fabulous, insanely inexpensive, laundry room lights installed . . .

. . . plus a good deal of painting done (I hate painting around carpet, so I'm happy to finally be done with that) and a floor colour chosen, I'm certain we'll have pretty laundry room photos to share soon enough!

Speaking of decisions, thanks to everyone's honest feedback, Hubby & I also chose a faucet, making a decision between black and stainless styles from our shortlists.  Unfortunately, the model we like will take 8 weeks or more to arrive, but it will be worth the wait.  Do you want a hint or shall it be a surprise?

The new faucet will be just one addition in a long line of changes, from my pretty 1960s posters to new kitchen accessories (like my FAB trays and laKattun tea towel).  I'm in kitchen-spruce mode because I have more accessories to share and a DIY project (or two) in the works for making the kitchen even lovelier.

Speaking of laKattun, don't forget that Eva and I have partnered for a fun giveaway.  No registration required - click here to enter!

This month I also rounded up some gorgeous metal beds (I was lazy and never did enter the Apartment Therapy bedroom contest - it was mostly for US readers anyway), shared some crafts I would have loved to have tackled instead of nursing a virus, talked Google Reader, Pinterest and made you listen to my favorite song, plus I shared a funny little way we trick ourselves into saving money.

Hopefully April will mean the end of snow, the start of spray painting season and some peeks into the laundry room!


  1. I LOVE those 1960s posters! VERY VERY cool

    1. Thanks! I bought them in the fall, when I spent four months doing research in Hungary. They are a nice reminder of the time there, plus they connect (only very little) to my research!

  2. Your tomatoes look super juicy. The more red they are the better they taste.


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