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April 30, 2013

Marimekko Oven Mitts

I'm learning how to successfully balance my my recent focus on saving, my dislike of clutter, and my absolute penchant for pretty things, colourful things, and/or sparkly things.  It's not easy.  One trick:  as they need replacing, I'm choosing pretty substitutions for the things I use every day.  I recently tossed my dollar store oven mitts (that were too thin, riddled with burn holes and made my hands smell weird and chemically) in favor of something 100% more chic and functional, plus better quality: Marimekko Peini Uniko oven mitts from EQ3
I love Marimekko (you've seen my pretty pink throw & our shower curtain in the townhouse tour, plus I have a Marimekko dress, which I scored on sale).  I'm trying to incorporate more Marimekko textiles in the townhouse, even after a rocky fabric fiascoHungarian art and accessories are overwhelming the townhouse, and my Finnish ancestry demands I represent.

If you're familiar with EQ3 or Marimekko, it should come as no surprise that the quality of these oven mitts far exceed that of my previous set!  They are durable and extra padded, with a sewn in loop for easy storage.  I held a piping hot pan of mac and cheese (straight out of the oven) for waaay too many photos and I didn't feel any heat!  As an added bonus: I'm not a huge fan of cooking (Hubs and I just do it to save moolah), but there's something extra fun about putting on these happy mitts before pulling something delicious out of the oven.  I think I'm just one matching apron away from actually enjoying cooking!  And possibly pretending I'm on a cooking show while I do it.

EQ3 generously provided the Marimekko oven mitts to review, but they were an item I specifically requested.  I wanted to townhouse-test a pretty, but practical item!  I was not encouraged, prompted, paid or asked to write a positive review.  These thoughts are all my own!  As is the mac and cheese.  Which was delicious.


  1. I love Marimekko too, and I certainly agree that you get what you pay for with textiles. There's no comparing the quality, so in the long run, buying cheap really doesn't save you money.

    1. I'm learning that being cheap doesn't always mean I spend less! With the sofa, sigh, and with smaller things too. But then sometimes pricey things aren't good quality. But with Marimekko, from wool blankets to shower curtains to clothes, I am consistently happy with the quality. I did learn the hard way, though, to follow the washing instructions TO THE LETTER! If it says warm, don't use cold! I had an item run. But that was completely my fault.

  2. love, love, love marimekko! I was just looking at diy modern art on nalle's house, using marimekko gift wrap. The patterns are so graphic and bright.

    I am in the market for new oven mitts (mine are nearly a safety hazard) but any textiles with white is off-limits in my kitchen. Invariable the thumb of an oven mitt with dip into a pan of lasagna and never come clean again. It would be heartbreaking if I stained something that pretty.

    Love you're new oven mitts- enjoy! I guess I'm off in search of solid black oven mitts ; )


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