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April 18, 2013

New Jewels (For Me and You)

Tomorrow you'll have a chance to win a piece of jewellery from ILIOS!!  Often companies and shops approach me with proposals for a giveaway, but I'm so smitten with ILIOS jewellery that I approached the designer and owner, Kat, to partner with me.  I just knew you would love her modern aesthetic.  Here's a peek at her handmade, geometric jewellery:

Given how beautiful these hand-painted and hand-cut brass earrings and necklaces are, you can imagine how excited I was to receive this in the mail:

I fell in love with these brass and mint green triangle earrings the minute I spotted them in the shop.  I appreciate that each is hand-cut and hand-painted, plus I love how Kat's designs are modern and on-trend, but also quietly unique.  I think her jewellery is the kind that will always look current and fresh.

It's not enough to show you the earrings in the box.  You have to pretend you haven't seen me looking like this or this, because I want to show you how beautiful these earrings are on.  The size is perfect: not too big but not too small - they have a great weight too, which I'm picky about because some statement earrings are too heavy to be comfortable.  These feel great: light, but you can feel them move.  They are also really smooth to the touch, which makes them exceptionally addictive to wear.  I think they look stunning with hair up, but even with my long, straight dark hair worn all askew, the glint of these brass and mint beauties peeks through which is perfect, because so many earrings get lost in long hair.

When I asked Kat what inspires her, I was really moved by her answer:

I believe in the specialness of hand-painted objects, whether they are handmade cards, pieces of furniture, visual artwork, etc. When I began making jewelry, I noticed that there aren't a lot of hand-painted pieces of jewelry out there. I decided I wanted to bring that specialness into my designs. We live in a world so dominated by factory-made products, and I want to bring items to the world that have been touched with color by a human hand; bright, bold pieces that can be worn every day.

I also love being outdoors, especially during warm weather. I wanted to carry that feeling into my jewelry by using the angular shapes and bright colors one sees in bright, summer prints. This way, even when it's cold or dreary out, my pieces can remind me of warmth and sunlight.

I definitely get the feeling of warmth from her pieces.  The name "Ilios" means "light" in Greek, and it's so fitting.  The brass glows from within and the mint green is a perfect, summery shade (although the other colours she uses are also striking).  I think these earrings will look great with colourful dresses in the summer, but also add a much-needed dose of cheeriness to my grey and black staples all winter long.  Kat agrees!

My pieces are pretty versatile. I love pairing them with neutral palates, so that the color in my pieces really pops. But I also love the challenge of pairing bright tops with brilliantly colored earrings and necklaces. It makes a real statement! The geometric, slightly Southwestern look of my pieces works well with airy blouses and tees, but also pairs nicely with more feminine dresses and gives professional attire a bit of a more edgy, unique look.

Like her jewellery too?  You'll feel a little flattered when you find out who Kat designs her jewellery for!

My first customer was myself (and even now, my goal is to make pieces that I love and believe in). People who, like me, love color, enjoy mixing and matching their wardrobe and try to step out of their homes every day looking unique are the women I'm thinking about as I design my pieces. I design for the creative, trendy professional with an artistic, intriguing side.

If this sounds like you (or someone you're shopping for), take a look at Kat's shop, ILIOS (there is even a spring sale on right now!).  I guarantee one of her hand-painted brass necklaces or earrings will inject some warmth - and style - into your wardrobe.  And check back tomorrow for our giveaway!


  1. I will be back for this giveaway! Wow.. these are so stunning and inspiring. So different... Thanks for introducing me!

    1. That's what I first thought, too: so different!! Happy you like and you'll have a few chances for entries tomorrow :)

  2. Replies
    1. And so summery! I am in love with anything that can convince me winter has to end sometime.


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