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May 3, 2013

April is Done: Did We Have Fun?

I always feel a little anxious when spring flies by because I know summer will feel even shorter!  This month was fun but fast.  I also got swamped with research and work, but that's a story for another day.

My favorite post this month was the framed agate art, which got a little bit of link love that I mentioned here and also a few links I added to the press page.

I also added some furniture to the townhouse!  I found a great bar cart that I'm prepping for painting (sorry Team Keep-it-Brass, the finials have to go and our remedy is super obvious, so painting is a must).

I am still loving our second great find: a vintage teak dining room cabinet

We definitely were in treasure hunting mode last month, picking up goodies for the shop and even attending the Ottawa Antique Show.  Although we didn't buy much, it's always nice to see such a large variety of antiques under one roof.

I planned some kitchen art last month - I just need some time this month to execute it!

I also planned a mint makeover and with one table painted and curing in the garage (details next week!), I'm excited about making over the second.

I was mooning over colour a lot last month, trying to beat the blahs.
The kitchen got a few new accessories this month: including a perfectly functioning kettle (I feel spoiled) and fancy oven mitts that keep my hands from getting burnt (so spoiled).  I'm learning choosing special everyday items makes everyday feel, well, special.  Choosing a kettle was fun - who knew there were so many colouful options?

In addition to my kitchen, I also got something special: a sweet pair of brass and mint earrings from ILIOS.

But I shared the wealth, partnering with ILIOS for a giveaway so you could win something pretty too (plus I announced the winner for the laKattun giveaway)!

I also rounded up some ideas for Mother's Day gifts.  A bit early, yes, but as a shop owner I know shipping can take some time (you won't believe how long a package took to get to Italy!  Canada Post, you're not on my good side), so it's always nice to get a head start.

I also shared my struggles decorating a house that is only mine for the short term . . .

. . . but then I rounded up a bevvy of brilliant ideas for personalizing even the most temporary of spaces.

We had our monthly Money Talk, and I shared some current struggles and ongoing solutions.

After a bit of snow in parts of Ontario . . . but then some warm days in Ottawa, let's hope spring is OFFICIALLY here!  I have some half-finished projects from the intermittent warm days last week and I'm ready to wrap them up.

I almost forgot: our Minden Shop has a 20% off sale right now, ending May 5th.


  1. I love the mint green makeovers! Such a fun colour...

    1. I love mint! Such a perfect complement to my long-time favorite: turquoise!

  2. I always find so blog so inspiring! Those earrings are so cute!


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