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May 24, 2013

Pretty Keys

Today I'm swapping ideas with German-based blogger Katja (of  She loved the knotted cord bracelets Erica and I whipped up and is sharing the project with her readers today. 

I have keys on the brain because we're still toying with the option of buying the dream house (we've met with our mortgage lender, I found a real estate agent here in Ottawa, and we're really thinking about doing it.  The problem: a verbal offer made by a prospective buyer who has been dragging her heels for months).  So, with keys on the brain, I wanted to share this sweet and easy DIY to help identify different keys.  It's easy: stick your keys into a piece of foam and paint on some nail polish in fun hues.  I did this to my house key years ago and, although not so fun (I only have pink, deep plum and red nail polish), it has held up surprisingly well and I'd be lost without the reminder as to which key goes where!  Next up: adding a glow-in-the-dark sealer!



  1. I keep meaning to do this with my keys--thanks for the reminder!

    I hope the dream house works out! I'm sure you know as many as I do who move away and then return to defend; and considering how close you are to being done, it sounds like the perfect time, as well as the perfect house!

  2. Super cute! I only have one key on my chain or I would totally do this.


    P.s. I'm excited at the thought of you moving. I love the townhouse but a whole new house to decorate? Yay!

    1. I'm excited by the thought of a new house too! I'm itching to try bolder things.

      P.S. What a great simplicity to have only one key!!

    2. It is nice but I have always wanted the house fob Carrie Bradshaw had on her key in the first Sex and the City movie and now this. I might do this anyway. A pink key is much more elegant than plain Jane silver. Thanks for the inspiration, as always.


    3. I don't remember her key . . .
      And yes, colour is always welcome, even if it's just for fun.


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