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July 29, 2013

Could Have Been: Another Lake Superior House

We close on the lakehouse tomorrow.  It will officially be ours!!  It's weird that it's 1500km away because I'm itching to paint and decorate!  Soon, I hope, soon.  In the meantime, another lakehouse we secretly ogled has since sold.  Curious?

We ultimately decided against this one because:
  1. It has a much larger living space than we need, and it's massively high ceilings would cost a small fortune to heat.
  2. While I love the main floor layout, the second floor is very small and awkward: there is a bathroom separating the two tiny bedrooms, so it would have been a huge task to combine the bedrooms to one that would suit our needs (the master is on the main floor, by the front door).
  3. It is more deserted than our lakehouse, which is private but has handy neighbors.
  4. There is weird red clay out that way that coats vehicles with red dust.  It would drive a tidy freak like me insane.
  5. Overall, it needed a lot of work, aesthetically (unfortunately, those floors are laminate!) but also with maintenance, etc.
Despite these drawbacks, I really liked this home and had dreamed up some ideas!  Hubby was not at all taken with it, even though it was much less expensive than ours.  Our realtor was also really opposed.  But look at what a cutie it is!

The view is . . . I'm speechless.
The guesthouse/sauna

I can't express enough how much I loved this living room/dining room layout.  More than our place, actually, because it's just so huge!  So much potential for furniture layouts - I envisioned separate television-watching and lake-watching areas (like our lakehouse rental).  Ours, as you'll soon see, is a little limited.  The kitchen had potential too: I pictured a beautiful island in a bright hue, contrasted with crisp white cabinetry.  The height of the ceilings would have accommodated some really statement-making light fixtures!

The spaceship shower was inevitable.

It seems space portal showers and teeny guesthouse/saunas are de rigueur with lakehouses in Northwestern Ontario.  I'm happy to see this great property has sold.  I hope the new owners love it as much as we love our place.  Do you think it would be weird if I knocked on their door with some mood boards and floor plan ideas?

P.S.  Haven't I seen that garage on an episode of Criminal Minds??


  1. that house is pretty spectacular too. I love the open living room space. But, your house is going to even better! can't wait to see you update it!

    1. Awwww, thanks! It's been a bit tricky figuring out our living room plan, but I think we can make it work!

  2. This house has beautiful bones! I love the exterior and the openness of the main living area. Oh, and all that natural light!

  3. I love that lakehouse! So much natural light and spacious... Looking forward to your new lakehouse's photos, so many improvement from the original. Just a thought! hehe

    1. I loved the spaciousness too! But it's give and take: big living area, teeny bedrooms. Ours as bigger bedrooms, smaller living. I'm learning it's all about compromises and figuring out how I want to use the space.

    2. Oh well, I know you got a lot of great ideas. Looking forward to seeing it ^__^

  4. This house is gorgeous and I do love the combined living and dining room area. It's perfect for entertaining. The high ceilings and natural light are awesome as well. I can't wait to see what you do with your house, I'm sure it will be great!

    1. Thanks! Don't get me wrong, I'm super excited about our place. But I wanted to share my runner-up and what I liked about it. I'm so glad it's sold! I think it will make a great home for someone, especially if they entertain a lot.


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