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July 1, 2013

June is Done. Did We Have Fun?

Happy Canada Day, folks!

My birthday came and went last month!  I worked overtime that day and got home from work late, then it sort of got away from me and I forgot.  But the timing worked out so that we bought our lake house very close to it!  This time next year, every day is going to feel like my birthday.

I already shared some of our plans for making over the space, but I'll share more details as we get closer to taking possession and tackling renovations.  We bought the townhouse around my birthday, four years ago, and took possession of it at the end of July.  Somehow I always end up renovating a house (and moving) during the hottest month of the year (August).  At least now I can jump into the lake in between projects.

Kitchen inspiration! Via Dustjacket
Because we've had the craziness of preparing the townhouse for sale, I haven't had the time to catch everyone up on all the projects we worked on but I did share a few we tackled this month.  To help show off the spaciousness of the townhouse living room, I moved the space-hogging ottoman downstairs and painted this slim, mid-century table a subtle mint green.  I know painting wood hurt the heart of some readers (I'm sorry!), but this table was in such rough shape the gentleman giving it away for free literally couldn't!  Plus, any other wood finish would have clashed with the teak, but the mint ties in with other accessories and complements the teak, so I think it works.  I'm going to find the table a new home when we move, so who knows what makeover the next owner might give it!

I've got many more photos of the townhouse - staged and ready for sale - to show you, but in addition to staging we've been cleaning.  I won't share all the nitty gritty details (boring), but I did have to tell you about this amazing chrome cleaner.  It even helps repel water so the chrome stays spot-free for a long time.  LOVE this stuff.

I also showed you how Mom and I turned old bedding into chic new curtains to hide our ugly washer, dryer and hot water tank in the (now fancy pants) laundry room.

The curtains are a tie with another laundry room makeover for favorite new thing about our house: turquoise floors!  I love this colour so much, I saved the swatch and am seriously thinking this shade might be nice for the lake house kitchen cupboards . . .

In case you were in the mood for smaller projects, I did a round-up of super cute knife block makeovers.  A small and simple project, but what a fun kitchen accessory!  Aside from my chalkboard knife block, I think I love this one the most:

Country Living
Speaking of round-ups, I showed off the teeny tiny new (thrifted) home our neglected Jade plant got and showed off a whole gaggle of adorable mini planters.

Tea cups, Corks, Wood Egg Cups, Tin on Saucer, Tin Can, Copper Caps

Next up: fresh new photos from around the townhouse, projects we wrapped up thanks to the inspiration that comes from last minute panic (half bathroom, laundry room, basement and more), plus some staging photos and house selling details (not sold yet, and I'm nervous).  And I still owe you a bar cart reveal!


  1. How cute are the succulents in the copper pots! Love it

    1. I know, I love that idea! And the little copper fittings are so cheap at the hardware store.

  2. Copy paste the above two comments about the plants!! Loved that!

    And that table looks just perfect in your room. You must be in love with Townhouse, why else would you think of beautifying the place when you know you'll be leaving it in a few days!

    1. I DO love the townhouse. It was our first home and I've been working away at it for so long. But I'm excited to have someone else move in and I want it to be perfect!


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