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August 1, 2013

July is Done. Did We Have Fun?

July was pretty productive for us!  We wrapped up a few townhouse projects (but still have more) and staged the house for sale.  It was hugely satisfying to finally finish the bar cart . . .

paint the basement door mint and add some handy cork . . . 

and finally see my Hungarian embroidery become the prettiest pillow ever . . . 

We gave the main floor powder room one final spruce.  This photo shows the original "before" and after, but check out the post to see how this space has evolved slowly over the last four years.

With my Dad's help, I also addressed a few cosmetic fixes: hiding a pipe with trim and painting the baseboard heaters.

Our house hasn't needed much staging, but we took on the arduous task of swapping the bedrooms to their rightful position - moving our King sized bed into the proper master and sliding the Queen guest bed into the secondary bedroom we've called home. 

I miss the view from the old room, but the swap has the added benefit of letting me show off our headboard better!  Our old bedroom didn't leave much room at the foot of the bed for me and my camera to fit.

The dining room and kitchen weren't touched for staging, but the living room was decluttered and staged a bit.  A huge round mirror replaces a personal (and potentially distracting) Hungarian poem stenciled onto a mirror we antiqued

We now officially own our lakehouse!  And another lakehouse I thought was a contender now has a new owner too.  Here's a peak inside.

I also held a giveaway with Olive Leaf Stencils . . .

. . . and reviewed Annie Sloan's Colour Recipes book.

With the review, you saw a peek at the colours I'm considering for the turquoise kitchen!

We also made sure we had fun, and we spent a week seeing our favorite bands at an Ottawa musical festival.  Zooey Deschanel in person, pinch me!

It was also fun to see Apartment Therapy feature my laundry room curtains out of the blue!! 

August will be just as busy!  I still have a basement makeover to show you, plus a project that improved the look of every room (and only required some paint and patience), some furniture refinishing, and hopefully even a velvet chair makeover.  I'm behind in my Money Talks series - I think chatting about mortgages might be appropriate!  And as soon as the townhouse sells, I will share the nitty gritty about that.  Soon we'll start tackling the lakehouse too . . .



  1. It was really an amazing month! I can't wait to see all the posts about your new place :) You inspired me to want to get my own place and redecorate it

    1. Decorating is the fun part!! I'm so excited for you :)

  2. Wow! You had such a crazy busy month! Way to get a ton accomplished!

    1. Yay me, lol. Having to get the house sale-ready was the motivation I needed it seems. Wait until I show you what else we did!!


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