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December 20, 2013

Canine Cut-Ups

In between bouts of feverishly working on my dissertation changes I've been tackling packing.  I'm really looking forward to unpacking because it's a chance to get organized.  Things were so tidy the first year we lived in the townhouse, but then we started cramming stuff into random places and I've been struggling to keep on top of it ever since.  The downside to packing is being confronted with just how much stuff I have.  I've been filling box after box, but I haven't even begun to touch the things we actually need and use!

Some guilt is setting in about the amount of stuff I've accumulated, but the one thing I never feel guilty about is art.  In fact, I'm about to order an absolutely adorable collage from Etsy.  For all of the puppy-lovers out there: Canine Cut-Ups . . .

Each unique collage is made from 10 to 20 hand-cut layers of paper.  The artist, Patricia, happily accepts custom orders and can create a cute collage for any American Kennel Club breed.  I've requested a Komondor on a bright turquoise background.  I'll share more photos when I receive mine and get it framed. 

And yes, life has become a little bit Szuka-centric!

This post was not sponsored, I am just so touched by the sweetness of these collages that I seriously want one of each hung in a huge grid on a white wall.   


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