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February 19, 2014

Customized Topographic Moving Announcements with Coordinates

Topographic Moving Announcement

I just wanted to say a heartfelt "thank you" to the readers who nominated this blog for Apartment Therapy's Homies.  I am truly touched, especially in light of the fact that I really left you hanging with the lakehouse during the fall, and things have only just picked up again. 

To carve out more time, I offloaded the task of notifying our friends and family of our move to my pal Erica, of Wicked Bride.  She tweaked the design of her own moving announcement (adding orange text for Hubby, plus our cell phone numbers) and sent me customized moving announcements, complete with our actual coordinates!  It took two seconds to slip them each into an envelope, scrawl on an address, and mail them away to the folks left totally in the dark about our whereabouts.  It could not have been easier. 

It would have been even easier had Szuka not found my roll of stick-on stamps and eaten $10 worth before gumming another $15.  My Mom's consoling words as I tried to salvage some of the drier ones: "be thankful they aren't the kind you have to lick".
Customized Moving Announcement Printable
This is obviously not our contact information, but you get the idea. 
If you'd like your own announcements, you can order these printable topographic moving announcements in Erica's Wicked Bride Etsy shop (she also has printing options). 


  1. Just a quick question (that perhaps you've already addressed in the comments) - Are you seeking an academic position post-Ph.D.? Just curious how you decided where to move (seemingly) before figuring out what work will bring. Thanks!

    1. That's a good question! We had decided to move back to the Thunder Bay region because (much) of our family lives here and we grew up here, but also because I always wanted to live on Lake Superior and Hubby decided that sounded great to him too. The affordability of a lakefront house here is unbelievable - we'd never afford it elsewhere. Fortunately, Hubby has work here. Actually, a really good job: excellent employers, security, good pay, great health plan, and work he enjoys doing. He works strange hours, but we make it work. I would love to find work at a university but there is only one here and jobs, even sessional teaching work, can be difficult to find. I might need to broaden my horizons and look for a different kind of work. I knew it might be a sacrifice I'm making, but I've realized I can't always have it all. With a great home, close proximity to family and one solid source of income we're happy, even if having that means I might not be able to have the career I want, or I might have to wait for it. I'm actively looking for work right now, but helping contribute to the pot with blogging and freelancing. Hopefully I can squeeze my way into the university but if not I know there's a good job for me here, somewhere in the city.

    2. Makes perfect sense. I'm in academia and I'm fascinated by the ways in which the weird/limited job market impacts where people choose to settle and what they decide to do for work. Thanks for sharing!

    3. I'm happy to share, I just wish I had more news on the job front! I just found a listing for a contract lecturer and I'm applying for it. I'll be sure to share any work updates, especially if I end up somewhere unusual. I'm so far from the plan I sketched in high school for my life, that I'm learning to go with the flow. I always land on my feet.

  2. Aw, I always love helping you out! And your mint + orange combo was so fun! xo

    1. You're fabulous! I can't wait for you to come visit - we'll need to cook about another fun project because our cord bracelets sure were a hit!


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