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March 28, 2014

DIY Turquoise Bulletin Board

We have big plans for the lakehouse office: a chic DIY desk for two, a pair of beautiful new office chairs, fancy lamps - the works!  While we focus on the kitchen, though, I've only been able to tackle little office projects here and there, like the turquoise bulletin board I recently added to the office nook

In the townhouse office I had a magnetic board I made from an old mirror:

It worked well, but I grew tired of the black and I didn't think the magnetic paint would be strong enough beneath a layer of paint so I switched it out for cork instead.  First I took it apart and I primed and painted the frame turquoise to match the nook walls.  Then I cut a piece of cork to fit.  I primed and painted it the same colour, using a small brush to work the paint into the cork.  The cork is disappointingly thin - it tears easily! - so I backed it with two pieces of cardboard, using a small amount of expoxy around the perimeter to affix the cork to the cardboard.  Hubby pointed out that I shouldn't glue all over the surface because then the thumbtacks wouldn't go through the rock-hard adhesive.  Of course, so obvious (after he pointed it out).

I like it because it's stealthy against the turquoise walls. 

Unsurprisingly, the paint really changes the texture of the cork and holes are more noticeable.  This painted cork won't last forever, but for now it's a handy addition to the office.



  1. I really love that it's the same color as the walls! Super cute!

    1. Thanks! It's part of my mission to keep the office less office-y. Bulletin board, what bulletin board?

  2. An excellent project, but of course I think that the message "Reason Over Passion" is the true gem here !!!


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