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May 2, 2014

Laundry Room Eames Hang-It-All in White

Yesterday you saw our track-hack (I love writing that), plus the drop-dead gorgeous drapes my Mom sewed to hide the washer, dryer, and our laundry rack (which we didn't hack).  Today I'm sharing the progress we've made on the other side of this wee little room, including the addition of an Eames Hang-It-All . . . Rack (I'm having a lot of fun today).

It's a far cry from how this side of the room looked before:

We're planning on building a nicer cabinet to hide our electric panel as soon as the kitchen is done.  For now I've focused on easy fixes.  I couldn't find a container for dog food that I liked, so when I stumbled across this huge stock pot at a restaurant supply outlet I decided it would be cute (and practical) for storing Szuka's kibble.  I also couldn't find a pretty, washable rug for the space so my Mom and I made a little washable quilt for Szuka in lieu of a rug.  One of the things I love most about DIY is making something custom: this mat not only matches the drapes, but it also fits the space perfectly - even slipping under the doors just so.

Szuka mostly likes to sleep on bare floor these days, but if she wants to cozy up she can.  At the very least, the mat offers some more colour (for me) and keeps her bowls from sliding around (for her).

The process was sort of trial + error, so I didn't take photos but when we sew the bedroom drapes I hope to make another matching mat, and will write up a quick tutorial then. In a nutshell, we found a washable, cotton quilt liner (Nature's Touch eco-cotton blend batting, in the Queen size which we folded over) at Fabricland and essentially sewed a giant pillow cover for it.  Mom sewed the edges with the mat cover inside out and when it was nearly sewn, she flipped it the right way around, inserted the batting and hand sewed the final seam closed.  She ran two sets of stitches along the channel where the fabric changes to anchor the batting, but a pattern could be sewn anywhere (along the edge, in zigzags - anything to keep the quilt from bunching).  The whole thing can, theoretically, be tossed in the washer because both the cotton batting and fabric were pre-washed.

Because this room sees so much traffic (as Szuka's space, the mudroom, the laundry room, and the only access to the powder room), when it comes to accessorizing I want most things to be both a workhorse and a show pony.  I've always liked the Eames Hang-it-All (who doesn't?), but the colourful version isn't really me.  When I spotted an all-white one in the Ottawa EQ3 store I immediately envisioned it in the lakehouse - especially after I found the polka dot curtain fabric and the curvy Marimekko fabric for the living room pillows.  My friends at EQ3 generously provided the Hang-It-All for the laundry room spruce, and it's perfect for the space.  To me the white-rack-on-white-walls looks sculptural.  I really don't think I need to convince you of its aesthetic merits, but practically speaking this rack is sheer genius.  The large, solid wood balls are perfect for drying snow-soaked mittens and hats, without pulling them out of shape.  Everything from Szuka's towel to her collar find a temporary place to land, and we always have a spot for guest coats.  In a pinch, I've used it dry clothes if our dry rack is full - it's just so handy.  It also helps the room feel more cohesive with the rest of the house, and the mid-century feel I'm after - this no longer looks like a neglected utility room.

I hung up two paintings by Hubby's grandpa for some more colour, but I'm still swapping art around.

There's still work to do (isn't there always?), but for now I'm so thrilled by how much we've updated the space, with just paint, some fabric, and a few well-chosen accessories from high (my new Hang-it-All) to low (the $24.99 Ikea light fixture). 

For more laundry room progress: see how the curtains were made, check out the difference paint alone made in freshening up the space, and take a peek at how much the new hardware changed the look of all of the rooms.



  1. Came over from Better after..... LOVE what you've done. An amazing improvement!!

    1. Welcome!! Thanks for your kind words, and for taking the time to leave a comment :)

    2. I love it and love the color awesome job!!

  2. This is an amazing transformation! Well done.


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