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October 3, 2014

One Note Wonders - Gorgeous Monochromatic Rooms

The lakehouse is far from being complete.  I think at least 80% of what we've done so far have been budget-friendly, temporary fixes while we plot more permanent changes, save up, and settle in.  I've had a lot of fun making bold design decisions because it's been liberating knowing that I don't have to commit to them for long if I don't want to.  Along the way, I've learned a lot about my taste and personal style.  I've needed this freedom to really figure out what I like.  For the first time since I picked up a decorating magazine at the age of eight, I'm really happy with my choices.  Really happy.  In the townhouse, I was always fussing, rearranging, and fiddling with things.  It was partly because I just like fussing and rearranging, but it was also because I was never content.  I'm obviously actively working on decorating the lakehouse, so you'll still see lots of fussing I'm sure, but it's no longer done with the same frustrated twitchiness that propelled my townhouse tweaking.  Here I make decisions, see them come to fruition, and then sit back and sigh contentedly. 

As we slowly start to embark on round two: tackling the permanent, less-gentle-on-the-wallet updates, I'm really thinking about what it is that has made me so satisfied with the lakehouse, so I can be sure to capture that feeling again.  Surely, the location helps - the lake is so calming that most days I feel totally blissed-out when I'm at home.  But there's more to it than that.

I joke that it's because everything is aqua, but there's some truth to how integral the colour palette has been to my enjoyment of the lakehouse.  A cool, watery palette inspired by our lakeside locale has long been my goal and although I've been encouraged to add pops of red, I've held steadfast to my vision.  Even though my palette isn't super regimented - I allow a little yellow, pink and orange along with my more heavily emphasized greens, turquoises, blues and greys - I'm finding myself drawn to rooms with a restricted colour palette, even monochromatic spaces: 

Better Homes and Gardens

The Interior Collective

Better Homes and Gardens

Photo Via
Better Homes and Gardens

House of Turquoise

Emily Henderson
Striking, aren't they?  There is something soothing about so many of these spaces - even when they feature a bold, saturated colour.

I'm still deconstructing what else I love (bolder textiles, the addition of walnut-stained wood, statement-making draperies...) about the lakehouse.  Ultimately I'm learning to follow my instincts, even when they tell me to do wacky things and paint all the things aqua.  What do you love most about your home?


  1. I've always felt I liked more minimalist spaced, stuff everywhere gave me a panicy feeling. Yet the minimalist spaces I put together in the past never felt cozy and warm. Just bare. With our new home I'm figuring out how to layer things so that I don't go crazy from "stuff" overload, but still create a cozy feeling of home. Walking that fine line!

    I also think that as we grow up (!)(I think we're around the same age?) we naturally grow into ourselves and our style evolves right along with us. Realizing this need for layers and coziness and going in that direction full steam are what I really love about our new home. It's definitely not there yet. Layers = $$$$, but it will get there over time.

    Your commitment to turquoise is really something! It's not a colour that I could live with, but it is really encouraging to see you go so full steam with your instincts. Makes me more confident in following my own :)

    1. Oh yes, the line between cozy and homey and not too cluttered is a tricky one for me as well. I definitely favor a more minimalist space than most folks and even the rooms I pin and drool over on the internet seem too cluttered when I really look closely. For me, I find that choosing bold layers lets me get away with fewer things and pieces while still having a space that looks loved and lived in. It sounds like you know exactly what you want!! I hate when budget gets in the way.

      Yep, I know turquoise isn't for everyone but I'm so happy you said that my choices have helped you follow your instincts. That's really the whole point for me: my home is not a model to follow to create the "right" space but by doing what I want (and figuring out what that is - which is the trickiest part) I've created a space I'm happy with. There's so much advice out there but it can be dizzying and conflicting. The best advice is to follow your instincts!

  2. Love the blue room minus the rug and rick rackity fabric on the curtains and chair fronts. And I love, love, love, the kitchen....even though the table and chairs aren't turquoise turquoise......kinda turquoise sea foam's a nice muted and relaxed color but then dressed up with the chandelier. Like wearing a cocktail dress walking barefoot in the sand.... if that makes sense. A nice juxtaposition.

    1. Haha, I'm with you on all of those changes in the dining room! And isn't that kitchen divine? I totally get what you're saying about it being casual but elegant. And I love it even though it's so muted - the minty appliances are what officially won my heart!!


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