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November 5, 2014

How to Hang Christmas Ornaments in a Window - NO Damage

Looking for new ways to display ornaments around the house?  Living in a small apartment or house with no room for a tree, but craving some festive sparkle?  Why not try hanging ornaments in front of a window!  When the sun catches these gleaming beauties, it's like the whole window glows.  Here's how to hang ornaments in front of a window without causing any damage.

How to Hang Ornaments in a Window

Once you see my "secret" supply (the tension rod!), the idea is so simple that it doesn't need much of a tutorial, but I've outlined some steps - and useful tips - below.

How to hang ornaments in front of a window:
  • Purchase an inexpensive tension rod to fit your window and place it inside your window frame
  • Attach a length of thread to each ornament, in varying lengths for visual interest
  • Tie a knot in the thread and set aside
  • When all ornaments have been threaded, loop the thread over the rod and bring the ornament back through it
  • Hang the ornaments at different heights

Ornaments hung in front of a window
Decorate a kitchen for the holidays
Unique places to hang ornaments
Aqua ornaments in window
Modern holiday decorating ideas

I temporarily removed the screen, which I do in the winter anyway because I hate the look.  I've never had a window in the kitchen before and I like to look at our view, which is such a novelty for me still.  In the summer (aka "bug season"), I gloomily pop the screen back in. 

Alternatives to hanging ornaments on a tree

The result is really cheery.  Although I initially intended on using glass ornaments (the glittering and gleaming was intense when the sun shone), I started dropping them left and right and quickly switched to plastic.  With plastic, I can even safely open the window.

Aqua holiday decor

If you missed it, here's the info on my partnership with Canadian Tire.  Along with four talented bloggers (including Jillian Harris!), I put together some neat ideas for holiday decorating, using items from the new CANVAS line from Canadian Tire.

This post is sponsored by Canadian Tire, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.   


  1. Love this idea. When I was a kid, I recall visiting my great aunt's house around the holidays and she had a group of 3 or 4 huge but various sized vintage glass baubles hanging from the ceiling. I am still enamoured with the look of suspended glass balls.

    1. That sounds so pretty! I also love the idea of ornaments hung from the ceiling. Someone online (can't remember who!!) created a really cool suspended "tree" using ornaments hung at different heights. It was probably a really involved project but it looked incredible - like an art installation in a gallery.

    2. Yeah, not sure where that was (maybe on curbly) but it was amazing. I can't imagine how much work that would be.

  2. Very cute and not too Christmasy. I love the ornaments in the cake stand too!

    1. Thanks! "Not too Christmassy" is exactly what I was going for. I gravitated toward ideas that were just pretty and glittery and executed far away from any evergreen trees. I'm happy you like :)

  3. I would have never thought about putting ornaments in the window! This is such a great idea, and I think it would be perfect to do when I have my nieces and nephews over. They're always wanting to do activities together, and this seems like something that it simple and easy to do, and I'm always on board with those kinds of projects. I'm super excited about trying this out myself!

    Sara Welsh |


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