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December 12, 2014

Quick and Easy DIY Paint Projects and Ideas

Do you find yourself racing to finish home improvement projects before the holidays?  A few people I know are in major decorating mode right now, hurrying to spruce up their homes before holiday parties and get togethers.  If you're a part of this ambitious bunch, hoping to tackle some projects right now, you might want to know that CIL paint sample paint pots are on sale for $3.97 at Home Depot until December 20th.  It's a perfect chance to test a few swatches of colour on the wall before committing.  My Mom and I were actually at Home Depot last night, picking out some paint samples for her kitchen.  She wants grey, but I'm nudging her toward a soft blush pink like this beautiful room from Yellow Brick Home.

Just for fun, I decided to round up a few smaller paint projects (to make your holidays more colourful!), for anyone feeling the DIY itch this holiday season, but not fully committed to tarping a room and getting out the ladder (or, in my case, scaffolding). 

Need extra seating?  If you need a lot of extra chairs, a coat of paint can unify a random assortment in a flash.  I love the bright yellow on these chairs made more lovely by Elsie, of A Beautiful Mess.

If you only need a couple of extra seats, you can grab some bare wood chairs or stools (check thrift stores and the classifieds) and paint them to match, or clash, with your decor!  Many moons ago I painted a wood stool black and silver...

...but, truthfully, I love these vibrant pink and gold stools from Honeybear Lane much more than my own makeover.  They look so glam!  Wouldn't it be fun to paint spare chairs in your holiday colour scheme (if you have one?).  Check out the before and after here.

These chairs are adorned with decals, but I think a similarly cute look can be achieved with paint and a steady hand (or stencil!).

Okay, seating is covered.  But what about the table?  People invited to dinner = drink glasses set down on pretty furniture, willy nilly.  A simple solution: DIY wood coasters with a pretty painted edge.  If you don't have time to make your own, you can still customize a plain set from a big box store.

Did you catch Creating with the Stars with East Coast Creative?  The winners, Becki and Chris from The Uncommon Common Law (fellow Canadians! They also took part in the Canadian Blogger Home Tour I also hopped on board for), created show stopping project after show stopping project, with a very mid-century, minimalist aesthetic.  I lusted after every one, including these painted place mats and silk screened linens.  It's such a simple idea, and so customizable for the holidays.

I love the idea of painted pine cones.  You have no idea how many pine cone projects I've pinned, flagged, bookmarked and made a mental note of.  Actually, the other day I picked up a hand full of pine cones while Handy Hubby and I were outside with Szuka.  I yelled across the yard to him, "this is the year! This is the year I'm making something with pine cones.  Maybe scented fire starters?  A wreath? I don't know, but I'm collecting them."  Hubby's reply?  "Where does Szuka pee at night?".  I dropped them and promptly washed my hands.  Maybe you can make this lovely pine cone place card holder, from Squirrelly Minds, and let me see so I can live vicariously?

While you're at it, try dipping them in minty paint to make a cute wreath or swag, like the beautiful one I spotted on Up To Date Interiors.

If you forgot to buy gift tags or thank you cards, or just feel like making your own, a simple swath of paint on blank cards or cardstock is all it takes to create some that are one of a kind.

If you're hungry for a project that's a bit larger, a fireplace could be an excellent place to start (and that's where everyone will gather after dinner, so make it look good!).  My friend Ashley recently transformed her fireplace with the same grey hue as a nearby accent wall, but in a glossier finish.  (She's currently on the hunt for a large mirror for above the mantle, and maybe a few accessories, so don't mind the nakedness). 

Painting the inside of a closet is a fun way to inject some colour into a room.  Literally every closet in the lakehouse is painted a saturated hue (mostly aqua, but there's this one oddball orange one).  If you re-do a front hall closet, guests will surely take notice. 

If you're really committed to painting a room before guests arrive, but you only have time to tackle one space, may I suggest the powder room?  In the living room, dining room, and kitchen, there will be lots of things to distract folks but in the bathroom, well, they'll have lots of time to sit and ponder the colour of your walls (see the townhouse powder room spruce here)...

These are, of course, just a few timely paint ideas.  Do you have any projects you're racing to finish?  What are you most likely to do during the holidays?

1. Go nuts and paint a whole room.  And trim.  And some doors.  And, of course, the ceiling.  Maybe replace some tile?  And a faucet? 
2. Tackle a small project or two for fun.  Something crafty and relaxed.
3. Eat and do your best to stay horizontal for as long as possible.  Hello, Netflix.
4. Work. Who the heck has all this time off? (this is Hubby's reply).

This post was sponsored by CIL but the idea for this post, the words, the fabulously elegant anecdote about my hunt for pine cones (and the toilet humor), are all my own!  If you're so inclined, happy painting!  And don't forget that sample pots (whether you want to test a swatch of colour on the wall or just need a tiny bit of paint for a cute project), are on sale until December 20th at Home Depot.

P.S. I really wasn't joking about my weird pine cone obsession.  Here's another project I pinned (from WhimZeeCal):



  1. I always bite off big projects around the holidays it seems! I painted my great room, adjacent hallways and foyer and my kitchen a couple of weeks ago. Big project, but I love it!

    1. Wow, you're so ambitious! I'm seriously impressed by how much you got done. WOW!!

  2. Replies
    1. I showed my Mom your room and we even tried to track down the same pink, but Home Depot in Canada didn't have that sample. We found some similar contenders among the CIL colour swatches and we're seriously pondering it! My Mom just LOVED your home - every single inch of it.

  3. I usually agree with your tastes, but that yellow horrifies me. It reminds me of new born baby poop. lol

    1. Is that what colour it is? Oh gosh, that must be horrifying to find in a diaper...

  4. You shared some great ideas and now I think I am obsessed with painted pin cones. I really like the idea of painting the inside of the closets. And it made me laugh, I always check out the bathrooms while I'm in there.

    1. Haha, I knew people check out bathroom decor at parties! :)


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