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February 5, 2015

Sale, Sale, Sale!

My Mom and I have been toying with the idea of opening up a vintage pop-up shop in our city this spring - the perfect location presented itself to us, so it seems serendipitous.  For this reason, we've put off having a sale in the Etsy shop (and have been slow to add more listings).  It felt a little silly, though, to stockpile wares because the mission is ultimately to make sales.  

We finally decided that, in the spirit of Valentine's Day and looooove, we would put some items on sale, because the motto of our shop is: "everything we hope you love".  It's a stretch, I know.  (Some of these sale items won't be re-listed when they expire Feb 17th, just FYI).  Below you'll find photos and links to all of the items that have been reduced.  On top of discounting some items, we're offering a sale code for friends and readersUse: WINTER15 to get 15% off your entire purchase - including sale items!  The sale will run until February 14th.  Also, please feel free to contact me through Etsy for a customized shipping quote - I'm normally able to save folks a few more bucks!  Also, I accept turquoise Pyrex as currency ;)

Fondue Pot with Alcohol Burner and  12 Bonus Skewers ($5.00 off)
Set of 8 Culver Medallion Glasses, Mint Condition ($10 off)
Vintage Coret Handbag ($7.00)
Set of 10 Yellow Blown Glass Drinking Glasses ($5 off)
Solid Brass and Wood MCM Tray ($10 off)
Set of 4 Glass Fish Plates and Solid Wood Bowls ($10 off)
Canape Making Widget ($3 off)
1970s Signed Pottery Piece ($4 off)
Tundra Earthenware Set, Made in Canada ($10 off)
McCoy Plates ($10 off)
West German Vase ($3 off)
Pair of 1960s Belgian Planters ($3 off)
German-made Black and White Cake Stand ($5 off)
Vintage Japanese Lacquerware Serving Set, New in Box ($5 off)
Figgjo Norway Lotte Souffle Dishes ($15 off)
Figgjo Norway Lotte Platter ($13 off)

Some of my favorite items have recently gone out the door (and with each one, that internal debate: "Oooo, I liked that," "yeah, but you don't have room," "but maybe I should have kept it anyway?"), but there are still plenty of gems left.  If you're feeling very meh about our current offerings, we decided to stop the madness and focus on Etsy first, pop-up shop second.  With that in mind, we'll be listing brand new items mid-late February, including some very springy pieces.  Expect some cheery colours to lift the winter blahs.

Before I toddle off (we're doing some very exciting bath reno recon  - which is something that will be filling our calendars for months to come, I'm sure), I wanted to say "thanks".  I never expect a purchase from any of my readers!  I'm just so thankful you encouraged me to open a shop in the first place, and that you've all been so supportive and encouraging since.  So thank you!    

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