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May 4, 2015

Quilted Coffee Bean Mug Mats

Since re-opeing the Etsy shop I operate with my Mom and Mummu, I have had two very lofty goals:

1. Keep it running all year round
2. Add handmade items!

So far, we've met both goals!  Pretty incredible feats, no? ;)

During the holidays, I finally listed some of my Christmas spiders, but this summer my Mom and I are hoping to add many more handmade items.  We're really going to buckle down.  It's not for lack of inspiration that we aren't as productive, creatively, as we'd like: we have more ideas than time - as I'm sure many of you do.  I have to admit, I'd be a lot more amenable to having children if I could be guaranteed a crafty/handy son or daughter who could help me sew, build, and paint.  Knowing my luck, I'd end up with a kid who whines, "can't we just buy it at Walmart?"

"No, now load the bobbin and get to work".

My Mom, as you might have gleaned, is fabulously talented - although she shrugs off any compliments.  She's also incredibly creative, and I can't wait to showcase her talent.  For now, the shop has one teeny, tiny handmade listing: these adorable sets of handmade mug mats.  They are reversible and machine washable cotton (throw them in the dryer, too!), with thermal fleece inside to protect surfaces from the heat of a steamy cuppa.  I don't know what's more adorable: the quilted coffee bean or the polka dot backing? 

Handmade Quilted Coffee Bean Mug Matt
Polka Dot Coffee Bean Coaster Quilted
Gift Ideas for Coffee Drinkers

So cute, right?  She's been selling these locally, but I convinced her to let me list two.  As we make more items for the shop, we'll post some more sewing tutorials too. 


  1. These are so cute. I would like to add hand-made items to my shop as well... making time for it is a whole nother obstacle! I see we are on the same page ;)

    1. I'll pass on your kind compliment :)
      Ha - yes, not enough time seems to be a common problem! I hope you're able to add some hand-made items soon, maybe you'll find some time this summer? Longer days make me more productive.

  2. These are super cute. My mom actually made a few of these for the craft sale we do at xmas time. They are slightly bigger and have a cute saying embroidered where you put the cup and the extra area is meant for a cookie.

    1. Awww, they sound adorable! We should market these as diabetic-friendly (no room for a cookie, lol). Does she hand embroider them? Or do I recall you have a nice embroidery sewing machine?

    2. Haha @ diabetic friendly. No she has a fancy dancy machine

  3. The Coffee Bean Coffee Mats are exceedingly cute !


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