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November 20, 2015

DIY Evergreen + Feather Wreath

How to make an evergreen wreath

Living lakeside in the country has definitely changed my aesthetic, and I find myself turning to nature more and more for inspiration.  I put together a DIY evergreen wreath tutorial for Hello Holiday that has such an organic, earthy feel to it that I surprised myself! 
 Rustic organic looking wreath
How to make a natural spruce wreath

You can see the full how-to on Hello Yellow but this was pretty straightforward to make.  Once I gathered armfuls of evergreen branches (using pruning sheers for a clean cut), I cut down the branches into smaller piece.  I grabbed bunches of these trimmings, fanned them out, and affixed them to my wreath form using green floral wire.  Easy!  Then I just worked my way around the wreath, layering on the boughs.

How to make a wreath
Crafts with spruce boughs
How to attach spruce to wreath form

Once I got into the rhythm of it, making this evergreen wreath was actually really simple!  The trickiest part was creating a nice balance and keeping a round shape.  I wanted a really natural looking wreath so I kept the arrangement loose, but I had to be careful because it went really wild looking very easily.  I tried my best to tame it!
  How to make a natural spruce wreath

When I was finished with the wreath, I accented it with feathers.  I picked up a zillion Canada goose feathers from the yard one day and I was so enraged by their constant presence.  For some reason, vowing to make something pretty with their feathers seemed like the perfect revenge (I do not understand my logic).  I actually wanted to make something like Britt Bass' arrow art, but then I found adorable clip-on birds at the craft store and decided that an earthy wreath would be an even better use!  Take that, geese.  Ha!

After collecting them, I cleaned the goose feathers.  First I popped them all in a ziploc bag and placed it in the freezer for a few days (to kill any bugs), then I gently washed them in dish soap, rinsed, and let them air dry.  I mixed them with some shimmering faux foliage stems and a handful of teal feathers from the craft store for some subtle colour, inspired by the lake and it's moody, grey blues this time of year.  A dab of hot glue is all that was required to affix them.

How to decorate a wreath

The wreath is so full and lush - and smells amazing.  I love that it is huge because it makes such a statement on my walls. 

Midcentury modern holiday decorating
Ideas for crafting with feathers
Crafts with birds
Budget-friendly wreath ideas
Nature crafts
Modern Christmas decorating ideas

You can see this wreath - and tons of other holiday crafts, DIY projects and decorating ideas - in Hello Holiday!  And, if you missed my other modern holiday decorating ideas, check out my DIY agate wreath and DIY dyed bottle brush trees



  1. Very pretty.

    I thought you had some kind of device that drove the geese away? Those things scare me lol, they are so aggressive.

    1. I do - I have two Away with Geese units and they worked in the beginning. They prevent geese from sleeping here and the light makes them uncomfortable at night. But then the following summer the geese just moved down the bay to an empty lot and they sleep there, then come here to crap during the day. I contacted the company and they say the device is working exactly as it should but to keep the geese away totally, we'd ALL need these devices and then the bay would be free of geese. Szuka keeps them at bay but anytime we're away from home, lo and behold, a lawn covered in poop. It's driving me nuts. Next year we might just put up low fencing...

  2. Beautiful! I love the feathers. I just cleaned a bunch of feathers from our ducks for crafts. I plan to frame a few to display but have saved the rest for a yet to be determined craft. I wish I had more so I could do this wreath. Perhaps next year. We have 2 differents breeds both with lovely colours- welsh harlequin, white ducks with buff mottled feathers and iridescent, royal blue wing bar feathers and Cayuga, completely black ducks with overall green iridescence. There feathers are worthy of great crafting.
    Love that wreath- definitely going try this one out.

    1. Those duck feathers sound so beautiful! I'm jealous - much prettier than plain brown goose feathers. I hope you're able to collect enough next year for a large project, but framing them sounds like a great idea.

  3. Thank you for sharing with us! :) Looks like amazing project!


  4. I love this wreath (just pinned!). It's a gorgeous addition to your living room. And the vignette you created with that beautiful mid-century chair and side table really does it for me :) Just lovely :)

    1. Thanks Jelica! So happy it is pin-worthy :) I didn't mean to make it so large and full and once I realize the scale of it, I knew it could temporarily replace the painting that's usually above the velvet chair. It was a happy accident - I love having fresh evergreen branches in the house because it smells so good!


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