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January 15, 2016

How to Clean Glass Fireplace Doors - Easily!

How to Clean Glass Fireplace Doors

Handy Hubby and I consider ourselves pretty lucky because both of the homes we've purchased have had wood burning fireplaces.  Hubby grew up in a cozy country home with a wood stove, while I grew up with a Mom who pined for a fireplace my entire life; we both had it hammered into our heads that a house is homier with a fireplace.

Masonry Fireplace with Modern Black Glass Doors

In the townhouse, the fireplace boasted an illegal insert (thanks, home inspector who "specializes in fireplaces") so we were forced to remove it and use it as a masonry fireplace.  When it was in use, the glass doors were open.  In the lakehouse we once again have a fireplace insert, which operates with the doors closed.  The noisiest fans in the world help push the warm air into the room, although even without them it gets so toasty that the furnace shuts off.

How to Easily Clean Fireplace Doors

It's much more efficient than the townhouse fireplace, but the downside is that the soot bakes onto the glass.  Cleaning the glass fireplace doors is a regular chore in the winter, but luckily I've picked up a trick to quickly and painlessly remove that baked on soot from the glass!

Cleaning Fireplace Doors

When we first moved here, I scrubbed the glass with Windex and a chore boy scrubbing cloth (love those things).  I'd have to let the Windex sit for awhile, trying to keep it from dripping everywhere, and then get the best core work out of my life, scrubbing.  (Cleaning this fireplace is clearing vexing, remember the shop vac mishap?)  One day we were at my father-in-law's place and he started cleaning the glass on his fancy new wood stove (so jealous).  He whipped out a can of Bon Ami foam glass cleaner and it cleaned the glass in seconds - NO scrubbing!  I immediately bought a can and tried it myself.  I just sprayed it on, let it sit a minute, and wiped it off with a paper towel.

Using Bon Ami to Clean Fireplace Doors

Blech.  But look, it's like magic!

Soot Build Up on Fireplace Doors

It was SO much easier to clean the glass fireplace doors this way.  I think either my Mom or Mummu used Bon Ami, because I have memories of cleaning glass with it as a kid, so I eschewed it when shopping for glass cleaner as an adult (weird, the things that motivate my consumer habits).  Well, I'm back in the Bon Ami Bandwagon, because look at my glass fireplace doors now!

Clean Glass Fireplace Doors

In case anyone has struggled to clean their glass fireplace doors, I wanted to share this as a PSA.  I like a clean home, but I want cleaning to be easy, so from time to time I share products that really knock my socks off (like that citru-shine stuff I'm still smitten with).

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  1. Wonder if it would work on my oven door.

    1. It might work, depending on how baked on the stuff is. I have yet to try it on my oven, although I really should because my oven is horribly, embarrassingly dirty.

      If it doesn't work, this Kitchn article might help:

  2. While I am familiar with powdered Bon Ami, I never saw the spray glass cleaner. I wonder if it is sold in the US? Off to check Amazon........

    1. I never even thought about the availability in the US, but I wasn't able to find it on Amazon - I usually try to link to products when I can. In Canada, you can buy it at Walmart and Home Depot, so if it's to be found in the US, I'd put money on those stores.

  3. I didn't think the burn marks and soot would come off the glass, I'm impressed you got it off! My parents have a fire like this one I'll have to tell them to clean the glass it looks so much better now :)

    1. Oh gosh, you should have been me scrubbing before, with the Windex and the chore boy - took FOREVER. It's a night and day difference. I never think there's much difference between household cleaners and so I've tried to work with as few bottles as possible, but I'm really learning that certain products just work so well for certain jobs. I might phase out the Windex entirely...

    2. Sounds like you should add that to your exercise regime, cleaning is hard work!

  4. Wet a bit off the ask dust from the fireplace. Does the same thing.


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