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October 31, 2016

Pyrex Inspired Painted Pumpkin

Pyrex Inspired Painted Pumpkin for Halloween

Happy Halloween!

This weekend was suitably foggy and eerie for a Halloween weekend, so I got cozy inside.  I've already sold some of my beaded Christmas spiders so I really need to get cracking and make some more, but first I had to make one last Halloween craft: turquoise painted pumpkins, inspired by my favorite vintage Pyrex pattern, Blowing Leaves.

Pyrex Inspired Painted Pumpkin for Halloween
Pyrex Inspired Painted Pumpkin for Halloween

After painting a series of pumpkins turquoise for my easy turquoise rhinestone pumpkins, I started dreaming about a Pyrex-inspired painted pumpkin.  I eyed up my turquoise Pyrex collection and plucked the Blowing Leaves casserole from the top shelf. 

Using the Craft Smart Paint Pen (found at Michael's - this one is similar), I just freehand drew the design of mod leaves.  It is TRICKY to draw on a pumpkin because it's round and lumpy, and my design is admittedly a little wonky, but it turned out so adorably cute I wanted to share.

Pyrex Inspired Painted Pumpkin for Halloween

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween!  If you're craving a sweet treat but can't stomach any more candy, I highly recommend baking up a batch of these easy chocolate raspberry hand pies tonight.


  1. this is the cutest idea!!!! i pinned it!

  2. Maybe you should do this?

    1. I saw that this year! I wish they'd used purple, lol. We don't actually get any tricker treaters out here because we live in the sticks. All of my decorations stayed inside.

  3. I love that you took your inspiration from a pyrex dish! It looks great!


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