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May 24, 2017

12 Summer DIY Projects You HAVE to Make

I was teased with some blisteringly hot days when I was in Ottawa last week, so I'm definitely ready for summer.  Spring is still a little blah and brown here, but I can see little green buds!  I'm looking forward to crystal clear water, brightly colored flowers, and long hot days in light, summery dresses.  To get prepped for the season, I rounded up 12 can't miss summer DIY projects.

A Fun Embroidered Straw Sun Hat:

There are SO many variations of this embroidered straw hat DIY around and each one is really cute.  Use anything from ribbon to embroidery floss or sequins to create a sweet message.  Here's the perfect straw hat - with a wide floppy brim, tons of room for a quippy message! 

12 Perfect DIY Projects for Summer

A Graphic Beach Towel:

No one will steal your beach towel when it's so personalized!  Or maybe this will be too cute and no one will be able to resist a little thievery.  Either way, it's a snap to make these graphic beach towels: all you need is a solid beach towel (the brighter the better) and some bleach!

12 Perfect DIY Projects for Summer

An Adorable Straw Bag with Pom Poms:

I love the idea of adding some sweet pom poms to an old straw bag to give it a fresh new look for summer.  Pom poms are easy enough to make, but you can also pick them up for pretty cheap!

12 Perfect DIY Projects for Summer

A Tassel Trimmed Tote:

Pom poms not your thing?  You're going to hate some of these summer crafts because poms poms and summer seem to go hand in hand.  But tassels have just as summery a vibe.  This turquoise straw tote - with it's 60s vibe - is begging for a little tassel action.

12 Perfect DIY Projects for Summer

A Bug-Deflecting Citronella Candle:

Oh hey, this project looks familiar!  Keep those pesky bugs at bay and keep the party going long after sunset with these pretty DIY citronella candles.  They're easy to make and a clever way to re-use old china or dishes - I scooped this pair from the landfill!

12 Perfect DIY Projects for Summer

A Pretty Embroidered Fan:

A little embroidered gives a basic straw fan some visual interest and is a fabulously stylish way to keep cool when the temperature sky rockets.

12 Perfect DIY Projects for Summer

A Sweet Bathing Suit Cover Up:

How sweet is this adorable DIY bathing suit cover up?  I pinned this and totally planned on making this before our trip to Punta Cana but then I got lazy and ordered this cute strapless cover up (it's the BEST) instead.  I might just add pom poms to it for the summer and call it a day.  If you're not lazy like me, this turquoise pom pom trim would be so cute!

12 Perfect DIY Projects for Summer

A Pom Pom Trimmed Beach Tote:

You know what looks perfect with that pom pom bathing suit cover up?  My easy peasy pom pom trimmed DIY beach tote!  This turquoise jute fabric would look especially summery.

12 Perfect DIY Projects for Summer

A Chic Straw Clutch:

For those hot summer nights, a cute pom pom trim clutch made from - of all things! - a circular place mat, how clever.

12 Perfect DIY Projects for Summer

A Pom Pom Trimmed Bikini:

So, is a pom pom trim bikini under a pom pom trim cover up with a pom pom trim beach tote too many pom poms?  I didn't think so either.  You can buy a pre-pommed bikini but it's pretty pricey - it's probably way cheaper to DIY this, plus then you can focus on finding the best fit. 

12 Perfect DIY Projects for Summer

A Pretty Clothespin Holder:

Now, to hand wash, de-sand, and line dry all of those pom pom pretties: my DIY fabric clothespin holder.  I still love this handy little thing - and what says summer more than line dried clothes?

12 Perfect DIY Projects for Summer

A Pair of Glitter Sunglasses:

The tutorial is a bit more complicated than it might seem at first glance, but it's worth it to get these glittery shades - imagine them sparkle in the sun!  Oooohhhh, aaaaaahhhh.  

12 Perfect DIY Projects for Summer

What's your favorite summer DIY?  Are you tackling anything beachy, or just excited for those long, warm spray painting days?

12 Perfect DIY Projects for Summer

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