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December 16, 2017

Protecting What Matters Most

This post is sponsored by The Cincinnati Insurance Companies but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Over the years, I’ve shared ideas for saving money but the one place I have never scrimped is insurance.  When I got my first car, I paid my insurance annually to save money but the bill was always due two months before my full-time summer job started and I still vividly remembering struggling to scrape together enough money each spring, but it was so important to me that I was fully covered.  I needed that for peace of mind!  In the first apartment I shared with Hubby, I bought tenant insurance before anything else.  Okay, I’m lying, I bought vintage Pyrex and turquoise kitchenware first, but then I lined up insurance, which was arranged and paid for in full before we even loaded the trailer to make the 1000 mile journey to our new home. 

In those days, I was worried about replacing anything we lost through theft or damage, because it felt like we had so little money.  Knowing that our belongings were insured helped me to relax and enjoy our strange new home, because I knew we’d never be able to afford to replace all of what we owned by ourselves – even though we didn’t really own that much.  In the decade that’s passed, I’ve started to realize that although insurance protects our most treasured belongings, it also protects the intangible.  For so many of us, our homes (whether we rent or own), are where we seek refuge after a stressful day.  It’s where we have parties with loved ones and spend lazy weekends alone.  It’s where we collect so many of our memories.  

My house means so much to me and it’s not just because of the structure or the d├ęcor I’ve worked so hard to perfect.  I have had such a stressful and taxing few years, but I have always been able to find comfort here, in the lakehouse.  It’s become so much more than a home to me – it’s shaped my way of life.  I’ve talked before about how living on the lake has helped me cope with stress and manage anxiety.  I’ve learned to live on “lake time” and take pleasure in the small things.  I live for those gorgeous lake sunsets now and often plan my schedule around soaking them in.  Because we’ve got some farmland and forest between us and the city, I feel like we’re on permanent vacation living here. When Hubby and I are curled up by the fire, watching the lake while the pups snooze peacefully, I pinch myself, wondering how I got so lucky.   I love our home and the happy life it’s helped us create. 

Since joining the local fire department, I’m closer to loss.  I’m still so far away from being a fully trained member of the team but I catch snippets of the experience of losing everything and it makes me want to hang on to what I have a little tighter: my family, my memories, my safe haven.

When I think about protecting what matters most, it’s no longer only about the stuff inside – like when I signed the paperwork for our tenant insurance.  Although of course I treasure the beautiful things that make this house feel like our home, these days I’m also concerned about protecting what this house means to us: a place to be together, a place to find peace – a place that has shaped who we are.

So just like back in the day, when I had to scrape together enough money for car insurance on my old beater, or tenant insurance for our sparsely furnished apartment, I still make sure that insurance is at the top of our list of priorities.  I’ve seen firsthand how quickly a home and life can be lost, but with the right insurance coverage, it’s possible to rebuild.

If you have time this holiday season, I urge you to review your insurance policies to make sure your family and everything that matters to you is protected.  If you’ve put off getting the right insurance, reach out to The Cincinnati insurance Companies and their network of independent agents.  Relationships, not transactions, are the foundation of the brand so you’ll be connected with an independent agent who understands you and your needs as a person and will be as passionate about protecting what matters to you as you are.

That’s my little PSA this holiday season, as a volunteer firefighter and a home-obsessed blogger.


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